Trust. There’s no short cut around the freefall…

God has been teaching me about trust lately. The metaphor of doing a backflip just keeps on coming to mind… No matter how you try to pull it, there’s no way around jumping and trusting that your arms will be there and be strong enough to catch you. If you hesitate even the slightest, you will fall on your head and it will hurt!

I’ve struggled with the trust thing, and landed on my head time after time after time-especially when it comes to the area of safety in the world and the knowledge that there is more than enough of everything.

There IS more than enough. It’s like there is a storehouse with unlimited resources which we have the key to but refuse to use. No matter how much we take from there, there will ALWAYS be more, yet we convince ourselves that it is ‘selfish’, ‘greedy’, or ‘evil’ to believe the truth of our abundance. Not me. Not anymore. I am so done with that. I am rich. I know it. I am not afraid to give. I know there is always more. Always. My hands and my heart and are open now and forevermore.


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