Green Ogres

I had a dream the other night. Actually, it was a nightmare. I remember in my dream I was insanely scared… I was trying to get away from some giant ogres who were trying to kill me.

Not only were they were trying to kill me, but also people I loved. I kept finding myself with friends and various family members trying to escape these massive killers who seemed to find us wherever we were. Everywhere we tried to hide they would be there.

At one point we were on the top of a mountain, and then we were in a forest with massive trees.. I remember thinking to myself in my dream, “How the heck do they keep finding us!? And how did they even get to the top of this mountain?”

Whenever we found ourselves running (which was continually), we always ended up running in separate directions; it was ‘every man for himself’. Sometimes I would even run off to save myself while someone I loved was left fighting other ogres. I hated this. This is so not me. I have always hated the idea of leaving others to die while you save yourself. In my dream I would be running away but thinking, “Why am I doing this? I don’t want to run. I want to stay and fight. Help the others!” And yet, I still felt so scared that I had to run otherwise I would perish and be good to nobody anyway.

When I woke up I was like, “What the heck was that all about?” I waited for something to dawn on me, but nothing did so I just got up and got on with my day.

Later, however, I was telling Ben about it… I started to describe this ‘weird’ dream I had.. As I started to describe the ogres I was like, “Ok, so there were these REALLY scary green shrek-like ogres….” Even as I was saying it, it hit me how ridiculous that sounded! I tried to explain that even though they sounded so lame and couldn’t be taken seriously, in my dream (and my imagination) they were actually horrifying! It was a nightmare!

As I continued I realised what the dream/nightmare had been trying to show me… These ogres were only as scary as I believed them to be. And believe me, the fear seemed crazy real at the time! When I took a step back though and saw them for what they were… Big unco green shrek try hard monsters I almost found it hard to believe they had been so convincing in my dream.

The same can be said of our fears. At the time we create them into these massive scary monsters with the power to kill us. It makes us develop that ‘every man for himself’ mentality (which we know is not the real us!) and causes us to focus on ourselves and our own survival, rather than looking out for those we love. When we realise that these fears are nothing but made up imaginary ogres, we see them for what they really are, and they no longer have power over us. Why would I waste a moment of my time being scared by something that isn’t even real!?

I realised too, that the reason they found us wherever we went was because we were the ones creating them!! It’s like we were trying to escape while at the same time telling them exactly where we were going to be next!!

When we realise that we can stop believing these lies, we become invincible. Not only are we convinced we are protected, we also reignite a new passion to love and protect those around us! And this IS the real us! Yet again, when you know the truth and stand by it, everybody wins 🙂 It’s just the way it is.

P.S. Fear = Green Ogre……     hahaha….


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