The Time Is Now. Make the Decision.

I have been learning a lot about decision making this past week.

I read somehwere today that decision-making has been described as being a kind of problem-solving process. This problem-solving activity reaches its conclusion once a satisfactory solution is reached; i.e. once the decision has been made. Therefore, the fact that you have actually made a decision is exciting!

A decision signifies the end of a course of action, and is now able to produce results. In other words, it’s the end of the hardest part! It’s like the decision-making process is the ‘seed planting’ stage where you select your seeds, plant, add nutrients, pull out weeds, experiment with new seeds, observe stuff growing and dying, learn about the seasons etc. (All this is a metaphor for the mental processes being undertaken).. But once you have done all this research and made your decision, conditions are prime for HARVEST! Yeah!

I used to view the decision as being the beginning stage of any desire, but it is actually more like the end stage. All the hard work is basically over. Now we just need to take a step back and ‘go with the flow’… Take inspired action rather than engaging in empty time-filling activity. It’s amazing how opportunity finds YOU when you decide you are ready to be found 🙂

If you have honestly made a decision with all of your being (and only you will truly know this), then there is no way that it cannot happen. The time is here. Now.

Remember though, a true decision is based on everything you are and everything you have learnt up until now. There are no shortcuts. You cannot decide to be anything or do anything unless you know what that means, what you are willing to do and what it will cost you, and why you are not willing to be or do anything else.



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