It’s Not Brave If You’re Not Scared.

Courage. What exactly does it mean to be courageous?

Courage is a captivating thing. It is a quality which automatically elicits adoration and respect from those found in its presence. People are drawn to those who are willing to face danger and risk their lives for the greater good; for a friend; for love. Basically, for anything they deeply and passionately believe in.

Does this mean though, that a courageous person has any less fear than any other person? No. It is the opposite.  I remember hearing a line in a movie years and years ago that really struck a chord with me.. “It’s not brave if you’re not scared.” How true this is. If fear did not exist, there would be no need for courage. Fear and Courage are brothers. Made of the same essence.. It’s how we respond and choose to live that makes the difference.

I used to be afraid of admitting I felt afraid! I desired so much to be bold and brave, and thought any admittance of even the slightest bit of fear would sabotage all that I was aspiring to be. I would get so mad and sad with myself when I felt fears creeping out of the shadows.

One day I realised though, that fear is not a bad thing. It is being driven by it that leads to heartache and death. Fear is actually a potential catalyst for courage if you allow it to be. How do you conquer fear and render it powerless? Take one tiny step in the direction of courage. Of love. As you do, you will become strengthened in courage and will take more and more steps that way…

I also read a quote recently which said, “You can’t test courage cautiously.” You can’t hold onto the ledge of a cliff and still jump off.

Only you Know what it means for you to be courageous. For one person it may be quitting a job, while another it may be remaining in one. It may be choosing to get married, while for another it may be calling off an engagement. Only You Know.

Courage is being who you Know you are, despite how others may perceive you. Go for it my Friend. Walk boldly. Go where no man or woman has ever walked, ran, skipped, jumped, or sung before! Be You for there will never be another one. Listen to that still voice within, for it will begin to burn boldly when you fan the flame even in the slightest.

You are never alone.


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