Creative or Reactive.. It’s all in how you ‘C’ it :)

Creativity. Wow. What power we possess as Creators.

I am only just realising the magnitude of what it means to be creative. Creativity is not something outside of ourselves, it is Who we Are. It is not something we try to switch on from time to time when we feel like doing something spontaneous or ‘creative’ like play an instrument or paint a picture… How limited we have allowed ourselves to be with this! Creativity is here and now. In this moment, in every moment. Creativity and spontaneity are our normal ways of being! How happy we feel when we embrace these two things!

I am learning what it means to be Creative; to be a Creator. Every moment of my life, every breathe that I take, I am creating. How wonderful to Know this!

I was reading somewhere the other day and it was talking about the difference between REACTING and CREATING. When we react, we are doing precisely that, we are ‘re-acting’ old stuff. We are searching for ways to respond to a new situation and moment, by looking at our old databases of thinking, seeing, understanding, confronting etc. How silly that sounds… We are choosing to respond to a brand new moment by using strategies based on old moments.

Alternatively however, we can create a new response worthy of this new moment. No other moment or situation has every existed exactly this way before, so therefore it only makes sense that we respond in the same way. Create rather than React! I love it!

Like the title of this blog, we can be REACTIVE or CREATIVE, it’s all how you ‘C’ it. Let’s see things in the way we were born to! Create, create, CREATE!

It’s not a random moment thing, it is an every moment thing. We are continually creating. We are born CREATORS. We are Creations, which means we are a process bringing something or many things into existence.. We are Creations which never stop Creating!

There are no limits. We are not limit-less, but completely beyond even the possibility of limit!

So Friend, stop trying to be limited… It just doesn’t suit you 😉


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