Little by little…

From a young age I remember hearing an old proverb that said, “Little by little a man grows rich.” For some reason it stuck so strongly with me, especially the ‘little by little’ part…

I feel it’s easy to underestimate how much of a difference a small step can make. Belittling these little steps used to stop me from doing soooooo much. If I couldn’t do it all I wouldn’t do it at all. I wouldn’t sing a song because I couldn’t remember one line, I wouldn’t go for a run because I couldn’t go the whole way, I wouldn’t drink more water because I felt one glass wouldn’t be enough… The worst part about it all is that it constantly left me feeling sad and angry with myself for not having just given it a go. I always felt like I was missing out 😦

Finally one day I just thought, “You know what? I can sing nearly all the song, I can run half the way, I do feel like water now…” I started doing what I could do, what I did have time for… and almost magically I was suddenly doing the things I always wanted to! Instead of saying, “I am only going to do things I know I can do perfectly,” start saying, “I do things perfectly imperfect.” Someone I really admire helped me with that one (thanks Michelle), and it completely changed the way I approach things! Try it! It takes so much pressure off!

Without even really trying I found myself singing the whole song, running the whole way, wanting to drink water… And having so much fun! It seems to happen so easily too… If you want a plant you need to plant a seed. At least if it’s planted there is hope. It may even grow by accident! It’s the same kinda thing with anything we would like to do/have/be in our life 🙂 Every time we do a little thing in the direction we want to go, it’s a seed…

Even recently I was challenged with this. I started gymnastics and the first night I went I felt so overwhelmed. I actually cried when I got home as it is something I have always wanted to do, but never knew how it could happen. I sat there thinking, “I don’t know if I want to go back… But I don’t know if I DON’T want to go back either. Everybody had to have started somewhere. The only difference between those people who can do the stuff and those who can’t, is that those who can went back.”  So… I went back. Every week I decided to work on one or two things… And last week I did my first backflip.

So often we want to do stuff NOW and have it NOW, plant the seed and see the fruit NOW! Some things need a little bit of time, nutrients, and tender loving care before they start to sprout.. You don’t stop watering a plant the day after you plant it because it hasn’t sprouted yet, do you?

If you’re headed in the right direction all you need to do is keep on walking. This makes sense! Why would you stop walking if you knew you were going the right way? Even if you walk at snail pace, you know you’re going to get where you want to eventually…

Years ago I found myself in the deepest darkest grips of an eating disorder and couldn’t even remember what it was like to be me without it. In my heartbreak and desperation I asked, “How will I ever get out of this?” A little voice replied, “The same way you got here to begin with… one little decision at a time.”

Every time we make a decision we are either moving towards more of ourselves, or less of ourselves.

Do the little things… They are so much bigger than they seem.


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