Worth It.

Worth it. These two words have changed my world. I’ve been realising just how much of our lives are a reflection of our self-worth. I always kinda knew that was the case, but when you really start to look at it, there is so much more than you ever even considered before!

I’ve been repeating the words ‘Worth It’ to myself repeatedly the past couple of weeks. Every time I do something, I say to myself, “Does this show that I’m worth it right now?” I use it when I’m running, when I’m shopping, when I’m deciding what to eat, when I play music… And honestly, it’s incredible!!

On Saturday night I realised that I am going to be an amazing artist and musician! In the past, I had been content just to be a ‘singer’.. To be honest, I hadn’t even let myself entertain the idea that I could be an incredible musician because deep down I didn’t believe it was possible-I didn’t believe I was worth it.

I didn’t believe I was worth having my dream come true. It was easier for me to pretend I didn’t want it, than to have that as my dream and it forever be out of my reach. I didn’t even realise all that though, until I started telling myself that I was ‘Worth it’ everyday.

Try it. You’ll be amazed at what you find.

Here’s a little treat. My newest song. It’s rough and raw, but it’s my heart.

I decided to put it up because I’m worth it, and you’re worth it too 🙂

Enjoy. X x x x

Nothing There 


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