Make It Happen

The term ‘You gotta make it happen’ has always made me squirm. For some reason it has always conjured up some massive image of doing things that are hard and uncomfortable because if you don’t you’re going to miss out on whatever it is you’re hoping for. For me it has always appeared to be something that was forced. I viewed it as being the opposite of ‘going with the flow’.

The past month or so I have come to realise that that’s not what ‘make it happen’ means at all. I mean, it could, but it doesn’t have to. In my opinion, to be willing to make it happen means that you are clear about what you want, and that you are willing to do whatever it takes to do or obtain that. It requires action. You can’t just sit back and wait for absolutely everything to land in your lap-I mean, you can… but sometimes opportunities arise and it is up to you to see them and take them. ‘See’ and ‘take’ are both verbs.. Doing words.

I feel that if you are starting to get angry while you wait, it is probably a sign that it’s time for you to act. (This is the place that I was finding myself in… I could feel things happening, but very slowly… And I felt like I’d lost some of my power..) It may be the smallest thing, but it’s important to take action when you feel that inner urge. It shows that you are serious about your dream. It may not even appear to be directly related to your goal, but you will be surprised how things can unfold. Taking action in the right time and place to ‘make it happen’ shows that YOU believe in you, that YOU believe in your dreams.. It’s empowering. It’s amazing how other people will begin to help make things happen for you when you start to do it for yourself.

The way I saw it this morning was like this… If you’re going with the flow already, throwing in a few extra paddles is only going to get you to your goal faster.. A bit of action can go a long way. Also, you have to actually jump into the water to begin with!

If you’re like me and hated the idea of the forceful ‘make it happen’, change the way you see it. See it as being a way for you to make the statement to yourself and others that you are WORTH IT. You are.

“Actions speak louder than words.” Why not start with ourselves!?


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