I read somewhere a while ago that if you’re feeling angry it’s usually because you have somehow given your power away. When I use the word ‘power’, I mean you’re ability to choose how you would like things to be in your life. The choice to do what YOU want to do.

If you feel as though you are trapped, or have somehow been cornered, it is because you have allowed yourself to believe that you have no choice, no options. The truth is that no matter what the situation, you do have a choice.

Sometimes it may not even be obvious, all you know is that you feel angry and it’s not a nice thing to feel. It gets in the way of you really Being you. That was me last week. I felt so angry and I didn’t know why. I knew though, that I must somehow be tricking myself into thinking I had to do things that I really didn’t want to. I let it sit with me for a few days and it came to me.

As soon as I realised what it was and took action, the anger lifted! Yay! Then you wonder why you were torturing yourself for so long! Sometimes too, the things that you’re doing may not even be ‘bad’ things… they’re just the ‘wrong’ things for you at this point in time. I realised that I had been doing too much music for other people and not enough for myself.

I was trying to incorporate everybody else’s goals into my own endeavours, and as a result had no time for my own desires. As a result, my motivation for music (something I am usually so passionate about without even trying!) became something I had to force rather than something that was flowing.. Not anymore though.

All it took was a moment of realisation to get back into my natural flow…

If you’re feeling angry, look at all the things you feel you ‘have’ to do, and make choices in the direction of things you simply ‘want’ to do.. Start small and see how things change.


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