The magnitude of the meaning of these two words has hit my Being in a way like never before. Everything is clear. Light.

I have pondered the words, ‘I AM’ throughout my lifetime. As a child, I felt the power in them, and knew there was something there that I desired to understand. I pushed and pulled around these words by saying things like, ‘I AM almost good enough,’ or ‘I AM not quite as good as such’n’such,’ etc..  and even used what I thought to be positive ‘I AM’ affirmations to convince myself into Being the person I wanted to be.. However, none of this felt completely comfortable to me.

Now I realise that everything I have ever desired to Be, I AM already. I always have been. I had simply been pretending I wasn’t by believing a lie.


To add anything else seems forced now. I could say, ‘I AM generous’ or ‘I AM kind’, but why is there even a need to say those things if you are them already?

God (Source, Universe..) has been described as Being ‘The I AM’. What more is there? If we are One with ‘I AM’, then we are ‘I AM’ also. We are One. To say anything else is to separate us from all that is.

A verse in the Bible that has always resonated with me is Proverbs 23:7, “As a man thinketh in His heart, so is He.” If we believe the lie that we are not, we won’t ever be. If we believe we can, we already have. What we believe, we are. Everything we desire in our true selves is already here.

Know God in your heart, and You will know Yourself. Know Yourself and You will know Others. They are all One and the same.


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