This Moment.

“When the defining moment comes, either you define the moment or the moment defines you.”

I love this. In life, we can either choose to live consciously and define who we are with each moment, or we can life by default and just bounce around whatever external things we find  ourselves surrounded by.

All we ever really have is this moment right now. All that matters is what we do right now, for that is all we have. If you need to define who you are, now is where it’s at. It doesn’t matter who you were yesterday, or even an hour ago.. Sure you may have consequences to deal with as a result of your previous choices, but you can always choose right now to be the person you always wished you were.

Don’t put things off, or make excuses for not Being kinder, more generous, healthier, for not spending more time with the people you love.. Make choices in favour of those now. Refrain from beeping your horn now if someone cuts you off, give $1 to a child selling chocolates rather than wait ’til you win a million dollars, drink some water instead of a soft drink today at least once, stop and talk for 5 minutes when you see your friend at the supermarket. The small stuff matters. It makes the big stuff 🙂

So often we think that what we do have and what we can do now, is not enough. It is enough. It is always perfect for the moment you are in. Don’t worry about what you think you won’t be able to do in future, just wait until you get there. Let creativity and wonder surprise you. Just focus on who you can be now. Open your heart, your mind, your hands. You will be delighted.

The best thing about all this is that there will always be another moment right there for you to start afresh.

This moment 🙂


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