I Am Lagom. I Am the Perfect Amount.

I have always believed that Being rich is something that comes from within. It has nothing to do with material possessions, although they do tend to find their way to you when you know your worth.

Recently I began to tell myself that who I am is more than enough.. I kept at it for a while, although it didn’t quite feel right. It kinda felt like I was trying to persuade myself to believe something that I felt I wasn’t. Like I’m not enough so I need to keep saying I am. It also made me wonder if being ‘more than enough’ or ‘too much’ was a good thing? Being too much would indicate a need to pull something back or hide it or tone it down a bit. That’s already something I find myself doing when I don’t want to, so better steer clear of that. I am here to express myself and who I am unashamedly! We all are 🙂

Ok.. So what do I say then? I googled ‘the perfect amount’, to see if there was a word for that. You know that there isn’t a word with that  meaning in the English language! How sad is that!? No wonder we struggle to find balance and contentment at times! There was a word in Swedish, ‘Lagom’. The perfect amount. The perfect amount being whatever is needed in whatever moment you find yourself in.

I started saying I am Lagom, I am the perfect amount, and the coolest things started to happen. I found myself Being the perfect amount. Things started happening.. like I would have the exact amount of change I needed in my wallet for parking, I would find I would know things that I needed to know when I needed to know them, I would have all the ingredients in my cupboard to cook a certain dish I was thinking about, clothes that never used to fit me would fit me just right.. I was the perfect amount. Literally 🙂 And man, I felt so rich!!

More and more things started to look half full rather than half empty. I started looking at the things I can do rather than all the things I can’t.

I Am Lagom. I Am the perfect amount.


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