Two Big Things.

So.. there’s a couple of big things I have learnt recently.

#1: The sooner you let go of the old things and the stuff you don’t want, the quicker life will bring you the things that you do. You can’t jump off a cliff and fly while still grasping onto the edge.

In my own case, I don’t think I even realised I was holding onto the old stuff a lot of the time. I would keep getting disheartened because I’d catch glimpses of what was ahead, only to be disappointed by the fact they seemed to be forever in the distance. When I decided to ‘let go’ of the old and commit fully to the possibilities of the new, the coolest stuff started to happen.

It can be tough at times too, because figuring out what you really want is actually one of the HUGEST things we can do in life, and sometimes (almost always), it seems to take a bit of trial and error.. there are usually a few duds before you get exactly what you are hoping for. I’m learning if it doesn’t feel right, let it go, move onto the next thing.. No matter how hard you felt you worked to get it, what’s the point of hanging onto it if it’s not what you truly want?

# 2 : Sometimes things APPEAR to get worse before they get better. In this case I am talking about fears and behaviours that we have that may have prevented us from being the person we know we are deep down. I think pretty much everyone knows that feeling.. Just when you think you’ve finally overcome that bad habit.. BAM.. it seems to get worse than ever! BUT.. we are not going backwards.. we’re just getting closer to the top of the mountain and that’s where the incline starts to get the steepest. Keep going!

Another way I like to think of it is that it’s like a detox. Whenever you get serious about cleaning out out your body, there is always a period of time initially where you feel worse ’cause all the crap is coming up to be released.. I feel it works the same with the heart and mind.. You feel kinda yuk as the crap surfaces, but what’s on the the other side is so worth it.

So there they are. Two big things.


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