Such a powerful word. We love it. We hate it.

Why is it that on one hand we have such a deep desire to be committed and to give ourselves completely, yet on the other, we find ourselves avoiding it any way that we can?

We want to commit ourselves to someone or something, but only if they guarantee commitment to us first. What if we just found what we wanted instead, and I mean REALLY know it’s what you want, and then commit- just because! Because it’s important to you, because you know it will bring out the best in you, because it’s so worth fighting for!? That’s passion.

I know that I am a deeply committed person. The key for me however, is in choosing what it is I am committing myself to. I don’t even like to make promises or say ‘I’ll be there’ if I can’t guarantee that I will be. I used to think that the world was full of non-commiters. That a persons’ word meant nothing. But I’m not so sure anymore. I feel that deep down we all want to commit to the things we believe in.. but first we need to know what we believe in.

How do you know when you have found something worthy of your commitment? It makes you come alive, it causes you to become your greatest self, and provides you with challenges and rewards that inspire you to express more of who you really are. That doesn’t mean it’s always rainbows and butterflies, but it does mean that you have the will to endure whatever comes because deep down you know it’s worth it. Deep down you know you can’t live without it. That’s commitment.

I have tried many different things in my life, and to the outside world, I know some may think that I am flighty, distracted, too free-spirited (as if there’s a thing!), unrealistic, easily bored, non-commited.. But it’s not true. I am committed. But only to the things that really matter to me. Sometimes though, you don’t know what matters to you until you try things out. We tell people to be committed, yet give them no space to find what it is they want to commit to.

I did the 9-5pm job thing. I gave it two good years. Definitely not for me. I started my own business in an area I wasn’t too passionate about. It made a lot of cash but I was unhappy, so it still wasn’t quite for me. I went to uni and studied psychology. I finished it, and even got Valedictorian. I loved the mind stuff and while the people stuff is for me too, the way in which psychology dictated it needed to be done, isn’t.

So I’ve leant.. I want variety and change. I want to wear whatever I feel like. I want to wake up naturally without an alarm. I want to express myself limitlessly through music and without inhibition. I want to maximise the power of my own body and mind. I want financial stability form the inside out. I want freedom to spend a lot of time with my family and the people I love…

Just to name a few.. But, these are the things that I am committed to. I have tried other things and these things just keep on coming back to me as being important. And every person will have their own set of important things. You might love wearing a suit! You might love the certainty of 9-5pm everyday. You might love travelling the world… The sky is the limit! All that matters is that it’s what gets YOU going!

It’s kind like breakfast for me. I love eating salad for breakfast, and while I love to change it up and alter the ingredients, cut them differently, use a variety of colours etc., at the end of the day toast, cereal, pancakes or whatever else, just don’t cut it for me. I have tried those over the years but I’m a salad girl. It’s not because I have to, it’s what I want! It makes me feel good, it’s my favourite food, it’s light, it’s nourishing, it’s sooo tasty! So why try and change it if that’s what I love?  I am open to change, but at the end of the day, I have learnt what I like and why I like it, and that’s why I choose that (am committed) without even having to try. It’s what I want 🙂

So what I’m saying is be committed to YOU! If that means you come across as distracted, unfocused, flighty, free-spirited, untamed, non-committed and all the rest while you’re figuring it out.. So be it!

You are worth the commitment.


3 thoughts on “Commitment.

  1. Wow. I love this. I kind of vaguely know what I’m committed to and passionate about, but you’ve challenged me to map it out, define it, and truly know what it is that is important to me. Then it doesn’t matter what anyone else sees of me as being distractable or untamed, I’ve made my commitments and it’s on those I stand, not the words or my perceptions of the thoughts of others. It’s a risk to commit, but it’s so worthwhile. Thank you, so much, beautiful Sairz, for sharing your wisdom and of who you are with the world. Xxx

  2. Thanks so much Beautifuls. It means so much that you actually value what I have to say and what I have learnt from being me 🙂 This whole commitment revelation really hit me in a way like never before, and man is it powerful! Some amazing things have happened since, and I KNOW it is because I knew and decided what is important to me in some areas and then stuck to it no matter what! Even when I had to let go of things and didn’t know what would be there to replace it. It’s awesome! It’s so much easier to flow with the natural rhythm of life and ‘make things happen’, when you know why you want something 🙂 It’s like everything is working with you.. and it’s ALL to do with the inside stuff. Seek first the Kingdom and all else shall be added. xxx

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