Life is full of seasons, patterns, and cycles. Some happen every moment, while others stretch for hours, days, months, or even years. We are a child for years before we move on to become an adult. We move through summer, autumn, winter, and spring every year. We create money, we spend it, and we create more. Even our breath is a cycle of breathing in, holding, and breathing out. The more you actually look at things, the more you see just how many cycles and patterns there are! Even everyday chores like washing clothes. You wash, you dry, you put them away, you wear them, and then you begin again.. These cycles are everywhere 🙂

The reason I started to pay attention to all of this is because I started noticing how difficult I found certain stages of these cycles. I would find myself becoming attached to certain parts, not willing to let go and move through to the next stage. Like the season of summer! I used to hate winter so much that I thought buying warm clothes was a waste of money. Instead of enjoying being cosy throughout the colder months, I would freeze my butt off half the year and make it even worse! I didn’t trust the process. The thing is though, it takes a lot of energy to keep you stuck, and you don’t enjoy where you are anymore anyway. I feels that’s often why we lose motivation. You reject the season you are in and then you don’t feel like doing anything at all! It’s also impossible to live in only one or two stages of the cycles. You’ve gotta have them all. You can’t breathe in and never breathe out. You can’t be awake all the time and never sleep (though some may try!). You can’t be engaged in activity all the time and never relax. It just doesn’t work.

The thing is though, who would want to? Each different part of the cycle helps make the other parts. All the stages are beautiful, we just need to learn to be in each of them as they come, rather than trying to force them to be at times where they aren’t naturally flowing. If we need to relax, relax. If it’s time to take action, take action.  If it’s time to be with people, then be with them. I feel I used to spend a lot of my time going through the cycles in an ‘out of whack’ fashion. I would force myself to see people when I wanted to be alone, I would exercise when I had no energy, I would wear summer clothes in winter.. Crazy. And everything seemed hard because the energy to do everything was never quite there. I think when it came down to it, I just really didn’t trust life’s flow. I felt like I needed to control everything in order to get everything done, but in trying to control it all, I missed the natural rhythms of it all. When you let go and trust the cycles, you always have energy for the moment you are in. When you embrace every stage for what it is, and trust that the next stage is coming and that you will have the energy you need when it arrives, life becomes so much more fun! And productive!


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