Shame-less (Rough as guts)

A couple of years ago when I opened this blog, my dream was to create, and then share it with the world. I desired to share myself with anyone who found themselves drawn to this page where my heart is laid bare.

I wanted it to be rough, real, and filled with imperfection.. (Although I don’t really believe there is truly such a thing). I wanted it to accurately reflect the moment I am in. I wanted it to be Sarah 🙂 What you see here is who I Am.

All the ups and downs, the failures and the triumphs, the frustrations and heartache, the love, joy and laughter.

So.. this song I am sharing today is that. It’s called ‘Shame-less’ and it’s ‘rough as guts’. It is filled with so called ‘mistakes’ and ‘wrong’ timing. This song came to me at a time where I felt so ashamed of who I was.. I didn’t even have any words for a while.. All I had was the music. The notes on the guitar.. and I played it over and over and over and let my heart pour out through the music. I cried. I let the notes cry for me. I got angry. I pulled hard at the strings. Then I hated the song for ages.. haha.. It came back to me last night. Today I share it with you 🙂

So.. ladies and gentlemen I present.. ‘Shame-less’





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