You Are Unparalleled.

You Are Unparalleled.

Unique. Rare. Unmatched. Beyond Compare. Unrivaled. Unsurpassed. Immeasurable. Extraordinary. Infinite..

There is absolutely no-body in the history of mankind that has been anywhere near to being exactly like you. No-one else with your hands, your thoughts, your dreams. No-one else’s heart will beat the same way, and no-body else’s body will wear the same scars. No-one else can love the same way you can 🙂 Not one single person.

I find that such an incredible concept to wrap my head around. My heart jumps for joy at the knowledge of it, as I know it to be the truth, but my head struggles to catch up. We are priceless. A single, one-of-a-kind creation. How can we ever doubt our worth? 😦

I have been contemplating this idea a lot over the past few months as I find myself yearning to know my own self-worth and beauty in it’s fullness. I want it all, and the more I do, the more I long for deep connection with other human Beings. To know their worth and their beauty. I have been craving this in a way like never before. I long to know other Beings, and to be known in return. To know their unique, rare, and precious treasure that I will encounter nowhere else in all eternity. Each individual person is a gift to unwrap and enjoy in each and every moment, unlike any other. It makes every encounter such an honour. This moment, this person, what we are sharing right now will never exist again. Ever. It’s just for us right now. Woah. I desire so much to be a person who appreciates this gift for all that it is worth. To appreciate You for all that You are worth. This is one of my greatest hearts desires.

I want to know myself on a deep soul level. I desire to connect and feel on a deep soul level. So much so that I just can’t help but keep returning to know more 🙂

If we truly realised our own self-worth in it’s totality, we would never need to question our safety in the world, or whether life is going to support us with the resources we need to express ourselves without inhibition. We’d just Be ourselves and wouldn’t give anything else a second thought. Why would we? We’d be so delighted in ourselves and those around us that the idea of anybody trying to tell us to be different wouldn’t even cross our minds. Isn’t that a wondrous thought!? Freedom.


1 thought on “You Are Unparalleled.

  1. You are what You desire to BE !! You share with others the Beauty of You .. You speak True words .. You dreams are REAL !! You are FREE !!

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