The past couple of weeks I have found myself feeling so infuriated and wanting to tell people to, “Stop telling me what to do! Stop telling me where I need to change and where I need to grow!” Actually, I have felt like shouting it! I have found it so frustrating because I didn’t want to tell people what they could or couldn’t say to me, and I felt like there was something here for me to ‘get’ in order to let go and stop feeling so angry, but for some reason I wasn’t ‘getting it’.

That was until yesterday.

I found myself talking with a friend of mine, and yet again, I could feel the anger rising. I didn’t want to challenge him, or tell him not to say certain things to me, but didn’t want to hold anything in either. I felt into it a bit more and asked myself, “What is it, that I am truly feeling.. and what would I love to hear right now? What would I love him to know right now?”

Sigh. “That I am perfect. That he is perfect.” That’s it.

So that’s what I said, “I am perfect.” He stopped halfway through what he was saying and smiled, “Yes, you are.”

Man, the anger just faded so fast. I also realised that in order to communicate that to him, all I needed to do was believe it in myself. If I know I am perfect, he will too. And I felt it. I felt him feel it. Peace.

I know we are often told that we are perfect, but there are so many ‘buts’.. We’re ‘perfect’, but we still have things to ‘work on’ or ‘push through’ or ‘let go of’ or ‘make happen’.. and the list goes on.. What if we are perfect though? What if right here, right now, there is nothing we need to do, be, or change.. What if in this moment, we are perfect.

This is ours to know in any moment.

I am perfect. You are perfect.

What more is there?


2 thoughts on “Perfect.

  1. I love this. And you are so perfect! But it greatly challenges me. I cannot say about myself that I am perfect, and I would find it difficult to accept another saying that to me.

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