Life has been unfolding in a way that has led me to see everything in my life as being either a state of connection or separation. It’s truly incredible.

Every single experience or feeling I have had recently that has me feeling less than happy, led me straight back to an observation of separation. It’s amazing.

I saw a friend of mine yesterday. We chatted for a bit, and then he asked if I would come and be part of something that I didn’t feel I wanted to. I felt sad in myself, as it seemed to me that he was choosing to ‘disconnect’ by engaging in a certain behaviour, but then I also felt bad because I felt like I was participating in the disconnection. I could have chosen to accept the invitation, but I wasn’t feeling it. I didn’t want to. Should I have wanted to? It was my choice to move away, and as I felt it, disconnect. Really though, it was all in how I perceived it. I wasn’t actually separated, I was just choosing to feel it that way. So, I decided to see the connection rather than the separation. I was connected in that he invited me to join him, and it was his decision to ‘connect’ with someone else that led us to part ways. So in essence, I could see it as connection, not separation.

Then it seemed that all these other examples of situations and circumstances in life arose to demonstrate to me this whole ‘connection-separation’ insight.

Initially after I left my friend, I felt sad and didn’t quite know what to do. I ended up going to the shop and buying a drink and some candy. Why? I didn’t feel like either. I just felt like ‘something’. I felt separated and wanted to distract myself from the feeling. Ah. I saw it.  But in a way I’ve never quite seen it before 🙂

I then related the idea to money. If I spend money on things to dull a separated feeling, then that is not going to add to the abundance and connection in the world. If however, I choose to spend my money in ways that create a connectedness feeling, then that adds to the abundance. It’s all a matter of how I choose to see it. We only feel lack or greed when we feel separated. If we genuinely felt connected, we would know there is no need to steal, hoard, or skimp by, we would have access to anything at anytime! We would share and give with such joy!

We feel lonely when we feel separated. We feel misunderstood when we feel separated. We feel sad when we feel separated. We feel restricted when we feel separated..

I’ve started a mantra. I repeated it over in my mind today as I was running, and it had such a powerful effect on my day. Whenever I noticed myself restricting or constricting my energy in some way throughout my day I simply said, “I release any feelings of separation and scarcity. I choose to feel and experience connection and abundance in this moment right now.” Sometimes I just say the latter, depending on how strong the feeling.

Take each moment as it comes.

Connected or separated, it really is up to us to decide 🙂


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