Embracing the Inclines..

As I was running today, I was pondering something I read recently about breathing and meditation. According to this source, exhaling though the mouth is used as an emotional release, while controlled breathing through the nose is about controlling the emotions. This made perfect sense to me.

I have often considered running to be a very spiritual thing for me. It is definitely a way for me to get my emotions and blocked energy moving around my body, so I am then able to release them or feel more clearly what I am experiencing. There seems to be a never ending amount of metaphors that come to me as I run that I can relate back to my life.

As I was running today I thought about the breathing thing and what I had read. As everyone knows, when you start an incline is when the breathing becomes stronger and  more definite. We become more focused on the moment and each breath we’re taking so we can continue forward. As the incline gets steeper, the breath does too. Sometimes it almost feels as though the breath is forcing its way in and out.

It made me think about life in general. When the challenges come and life becomes a little more ‘inclined’, that’s where our big opportunities come to experience emotional release. Without the incline there wouldn’t be as much of a need to breathe in and out; to release. The inclines create an opportunity for us to feel and see with a little more intensity.

Embrace the inclines 🙂


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