Give to Live.

I was outside sitting on the grass an hour or so, pondering the flow of giving and receiving in life. I have always struggled with the idea of “I will give you this, if you give me that.” It’s not the exchange itself, but the way that it is done.

I had often thought I was flawed in my understanding, that there was something I wasn’t ‘getting’ the same as everyone else. I want to give, for no other reason, than that. Freely I have received, and freely I give. If I receive something back out of the abundance of another’s heart, then great! But I am not going to hold back because I can’t see what I’m being given in return.

Today I saw it so simply. It is natural to grow and give. Just like a tree bearing fruit. In order to thrive and continue spreading life, it HAS to give. If a tree is overloaded with ripe fruit, the best thing it can do is share it with the world. That way it provides nourishment and life to others, (the purpose for its existence), while also spreading it’s seed to continue more growth. Everybody wins! If it was to refuse to share it’s fruit, there would be no space for more fruit to grow, and it would simply go rotten and die… no life would be added to life! A complete waste!

It is only natural to give, in fact, we were born for it 🙂


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