Effortless Mastery

Only two more sleeps until my music night. Sarah on dusk, Sunday October 20th.

As the day approaches I find myself feeling, flowing, and growing more than ever. I find my integrity, my values, my thoughts, and my expression being fine-tuned little by little, moment by moment.

My biggest fear for the night is that I will allow my fears of vulnerability to block the outpouring of what is truly in my heart to give. My dream is to simply be in the moment and move with life, inspiration (in-spirit), and freedom within and without. To create something magical together. I lay down my desires to be perfect. My desires to appear ‘right’ or ‘polished’. Let go, let flow. That has been a mantra in my life. Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done 🙂

More and more I have desired to live in a state of effortless flow. Effortless Mastery. Where all is perfect. There are no wrong notes; no wrong decisions. I see only beauty, only perfection, only love.

We are all Masters.



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