More wisdom from the garden.. :)

Ben and I were out in the veggie patch yesterday planting some more stuff.. (we have some corn growing now! Woo hoo).. Anyways.. I was just transferring some basil from a pot into the garden bed and was thinking about how much I love picking fresh herbs and eating them.

I said to Ben, “Does basil just keep growing?”

He said, “It does if you keep picking it.”

I love that answer. It spoke to me so clearly.

When I asked, I was actually thinking about picking some basil and making something with it.. A part of me hesitated though, as I didn’t want to use it and then have none left for the coming days. The thing is though, if it’s ready and ripe to be used, that is the perfect time to enjoy it! Once you do, more will actually grow.. and the more you pick, the more it will grow!

If however, you don’t pick it and enjoy it, it doesn’t grow more. Isn’t that so cool? It almost seems too good to be true, and yet, nature’s design is for us to continually enjoy. A constant self-sustaining supply-the only catch is that we actually do pick it and enjoy it!

I feel we can apply it to soooooo many things is life. Money for example. If we hoard it and fear using it for anything, we miss out on enjoying things as they come, and also block the flow of more..

The same with gifts like music.. If you never use it, no more will grow.

I like it. I like it a lot. Nature’s way is one of an ever-growing self-sustaining abundant supply of enjoyment!

The only thing we need to do to guarantee it’s continuation is to actually enjoy it! 🙂


2 thoughts on “More wisdom from the garden.. :)

  1. And that’s why Jesus used the parables of seeds and harvests and growing things, too. We are so connected to this process and can identify through it just as you are. thanks for sharing how you are seeing and learning and growing with your garden!

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