When Cucumbers Talk :)

I was out watering my plants before, thinking about the way in which they seem to change and move so quickly. One moment they are reaching for the sun, the next they are a little wilted and their leaves have turned yellow.

In the past I would have freaked out and been like, “Oh no, my plants are dying!” Or worse, “My plants are dead!” But nowadays I look at it and think, “Hmm, what does this little plant need right now?” Often, I have found that the plants just need a bit more to drink. It’s quite hot where we live so that makes perfect sense to me. Before I know it, they are reaching for the sun again! Sometimes even within an hour or so! It’s so amazing.

It reminds me so much of human beings! We are the same! We wilt when we are in the sun for too long too, (or when we work too hard, or don’t eat enough, or spend time doings things we don’t want to..), and often a big drink of life-giving water (or a rest, or a change in direction, or whatever it is..) is all we need too, to have us reaching for the sun again!

So next time I notice myself wilting, instead of thinking everything is over, I am going to think of these little plants, and remind myself that perhaps all I need is a drink šŸ™‚

I’ll be reaching for the sun again in no time! x




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