Could be fun?

I was talking to my friend yesterday about music and the finalised version of my first ‘official’ single, ‘All Me’. “So, what are you going to do now? Now that you’ve got your song!?” Straight away I knew part of my answer.. “Take it into a couple of radio stations I am feeling good about, and post it to a couple of people who have contacted me in the past.” I kinda knew what he was going to ask me next..

“Are you going to put it on Triple J Unearthed?” I then started on my own little rant (almost felt rehearsed as I have thought about The Triple J thing so much already.. haha), about how anyone and everyone can just put it up there, how I’d rather have someone come to me and ask me rather than trying to kinda force my way in, how it’s not really exactly my kinda thing, how no-one probably even listens to those songs, how I’m not respecting my own music by putting it out there with no specially crafted receiver in place.. bla, bla, bla.. but after about 30 seconds, I thought of my little garden (yet again!), and stopped.. “You know what, I’m going to do it!”

The past few days I have been thinking about how amazing it is to see things sprout and grow! The feelings you experience when something you have personally planted specifically, watered, nourished, watched, and loved starts to grow and flourish, are the BEST EVER!!!

But you know what also creates equally amazing feelings? The times where you just throw something out there, forget about it, and then all of a sudden there’s an awesome little plant! You haven’t done a thing, besides throw something out there for a bit of fun, and then you get hit with this amazing delightful surprise!

I did that with pumpkin seeds. Just threw some pumpkin seeds in the dirt next to our veggie patch (ones that I’d just taken out of a pumpkin we’d eaten), and now pumpkins are growing! I also planted a couple of leek bottoms which we had left after eating a couple of leeks we’d bought from a little farm stall down south. I completely forgot about them, and then a week later, Ben came in saying, ‘Ah.. The leeks you planted are growing?’ haha.. He didn’t even know I’d planted them!

Anyway, this really hit me. As anyone who knows me would agree, I am very specific and thoughtful about what I do and why, and while I love that about myself, what I also love about myself is when I just throw things out there and do things just for fun. There’s no big deep meaning behind it, I just felt like it in the moment, so I did it. Some things don’t go any further than that, but other things will sprout and bring you amazing delightful wondrous surprises that you couldn’t have thoughtfully concocted even if you try!

That person you decided to say hi to, who has become one of your best friends. The notes that sounded cool on the guitar and accidentally turned into a song.. Anything! Everything!

The single I put on Triple J, ‘just for fun’. Who knows what could happen 😉


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