Enjoying Is For Now..Yes!

This morning I was making a breakfast salad and was like… “Hmm.. I need some more lettuce.” Ben lit up, “I’ll go pick some from the garden!”

My immediate response was oh no, not yet, we need to let it grow more.. We haven’t really had anything from the garden yet. We can’t start right now. Maybe next time. And plus, if we eat it now, what about all that time that went into growing it? We have to start all over again! )I’m thinking this about one lettuce even though we already have a bunch more growing.)

How silly! Isn’t one of the main reasons of growing the lettuce, to eat and enjoy it? Especially when you really feel like it, and it’s right there and waiting for you now?

So we picked it and ate it and enjoyed it! So crispy!

It made me think about life again. I am currently on the verge of some of my biggest dreams being realised, and even now I feel a small part of me wanting to pull back.. “Now? Really!? Maybe I need to pull back a little? What if it’s not everything I have imagined, will I have to start growing something new from scratch? Or what if it fails. What if I fail? What would I do then? I’m not used to this success thing.” It’s almost as though I have become so used to the feeling of moving towards something and planting and watering seeds and baby plants, that when the time comes to enjoy the harvest, I’m not sure how to?

Wasn’t sure how to 😉 But I am a fast learner. Starting now, I am enjoying this harvest. I am walking boldly, speaking loudly, and allowing all the excitement and love being built over the years to bubble out and over and into the world, as all the excitement and love in the world bubbles back to me!

World.. The time is now.

P.S. By the way.. My song comes up on shazam now too!!!! Yeah! x


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