My Dream Come True.

My brother Matt and I were at my friend Nick’s place last night for a ‘rehearsal’ for tomorrow night..

By ‘rehearsal’ I mean laughter, dinner, more laughter intermingled with some deep and meaningful life stuff, a play with guitars of all kinds and descriptions, piano, melodica, and whatever else we can find, more laughter again..

As  we were playing through one of the songs, I looked around and thought, “My dreams have come true.”

Tomorrow night I am playing at The Loft with my brother Matt (wolfboy) and Nick Stewart. Two of my favouritist (yes, that’s a word! haha), people in the world, who I not only love, but who also happen to be music geniuses! I am a Queen indeed! 🙂

The music starts around 8:30ish, with Josh Caldwell, David Aurora, and Paging Jimi also playing! All are invited! xxx


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