I find life’s humour very funny sometimes. It’s almost as though it plays tricks on you, just because it can 🙂

Tonight Ben and I are eating lentils for dinner.. Or we will be shortly. Neither of us have ever been a fan, and neither of us even know how a small bag of lentils found it’s way into our cupboard, but it did.

It’s funny, as lately it seems as though so many amazing, exciting opportunities have arisen.. It feels as though life is flowing faster and more freely than ever, that I am living in line with who I am more than I ever have, and yet, I am feeling more challenged than ever in certain areas.. (like keeping food in our fridge for example). It almost seems ridiculous as we live in such an abundant country yet still spend time wondering what we have to eat today.

It’s not that there is absolutely no means to go and find more food options either, it’s just that sometimes you get tired of having to go and find anything. I want to know I can do this! I can handle it. I love the decisions I have made so far, and if this is where I am right now as a result, hooray! I am proud of who I am. I feel as though I have reached a stage where more than ever I want to know that I have all I need within – right here, right now.

There is no more ‘getting’ to be done. When it is here, I am thankful. When it is not, I am thankful. Something has changed in the deepest parts of me. The less I appear to ‘have’, the more I desire to give. And oh, the gratitud that wells up in my heart for even the tiniest things.

I am letting go of all and finding I have more than I had ever imagined…

It seems such a paradox, yet Jesus’ words ring true, for whoever seeks to save his life will lose it, yet whoever loses his life shall find he lives.

Thank God for lentils. xxx


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