Feeling good!

I’ve cottoned on to a pattern in my life that makes everything awesome.. Feeling good!

It may sound a little obvious, but I’ve been putting my theory to the test for a while now, (I’m talking a lifetime!), and I am completely and utterly certain that from now on, my only goal in life is to feel good! Not to say that I will feel good all the time, (although it will be pretty close) but from now on, my focus is on feeling good, or finding a way to ease myself into it!

It makes EVERYTHING so much easier and flowing.. And it’s way more fun!

I did it today. (I do it everyday!). I was starting to feel a little fidgety and unsettled.. Hmm.. What is anything I can do to feel better? Make and eat some yummy food! (I love this one! haha).. I sent my Brother a message.. getting better.. Sit in the sun.. Mmm.. warmer again… Play some music? Hmm.. But I want to be in the sun.. How about play music in the sun!? Yes! But I want to use my speaker and my pedal too.. Which I can usually only do inside where there’s power.. I know! Play outside, in the sun, with my battery pack and speaker too! (I’d never thought if this before!)

So at 3pm this afternoon, I find myself high above the neighbours on my back step with my guitar and pedal, overlooking the ocean, feeling the sun on my skin and the breeze on my face, and feeling like the luckiest girl in the world playing in the most AMAZING music venue! All the while wondering why I’d never even thought of this before!?? This amazingness was sitting right under my nose!

I know why. Usually when I’m feeling a bit blah, I will try to either force myself to do stuff, or just feel uninspired and give up. The difference? I eased myself into feeling good first.. Yummy food + message to my Brother + sun = Amazing Sarah music session!!!!

The best thing too, is that everyday is different! That was today’s path, but there are SOOOOOO many ways we can get to feeling good! Feeling amazing!

Mmmm.. Life 🙂 x


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