Wishes Guaranteed to Come True… Let’s Dance!

This afternoon found me dancing around my kitchen and lounge room!

Why? Because I had just been told by my Friend that something awesome was (and is) on the way to me in the mail.. Woo hoo! I really LOVE receiving gifts in the mail! It’s like a wish that you make that you KNOW is coming true. It’s guaranteed and already on the way!

It’s funny because even though right now I haven’t got any of the ‘goods’, it’s like I already do because I know it’s on its way! It’s like the goods are here! The even more awesome thing about it coming in the mail is that the good feelings will probably continue to flow right up until their ‘official’ day of arrival.. And then, even more good feeling will generate as I physically enjoy the goods!!! So it’s good, good, and even more goodness!!!

It reminds me of faith. It requires some trust. You ask, it is given and on it’s way.. Then before you know it the ‘goods’ are here! Somehow we get stuck though. We ask, it is given, but in the moments to follow we become doubtful we will receive.. Sometimes we even go as far as to say ‘Forget it!’ it’s taking too long, and we don’t even answer the door when the mail comes! So sad when it is there wanting to reach us!

While some things do arrive immediately, others require just a little bit more time in the mail.. Hang in there.. Dance.. Enjoy the ‘goodness’ now.. The goodies are on their way 😉


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