Money & Fish

A thought popped into my mind this afternoon as I skipped my way through the wondrous Nobby’s Beach Kingdom on the Gold Coast.. I was thinking about fish, and for some reason started seeing money swimming around like fish, and found myself pondering how similar money and fish actually are…

Fish and Money both come in all kinds of shapes and sizes.. some are bright, some are dull, some are bigger some are smaller, some hang around in big bunches while others kinda fly solo.. Some are easier to find than others, and some people have a knack for knowing where to find them.. certain kinds thrive most in specific locations.. Both kinda flow with the seasons.. Sometimes you want to catch some, while sometimes it’s just nice to sit back and enjoy the colours as they dance before us..

Mmm.. It’s kinda fun looking at it like this 🙂

Money FishMoney Fish #1



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