The Undefined Sun

Ben and I were driving home from Bangalow on sunset today. As we drove I looked out over the mountains where the sun was setting. Wow. The sun is continually amazing me over and over and over again.

As my eyes and heart delighted in the splashes of colour across the clouds, and the brushes of clouds dancing among them, I saw something about the sun that I’ve never quite seen before.

It doesn’t have defined edges.

We know the form of the sun, we know it’s round, yet when you look at it the edges are a blur. Most the time it’s burning so brightly you can’t even see its outline, but even when you can, it is still somewhat vague in definition. It’s a round ball of fire. Its glow burns any which way it feels and changes each and every moment. It’s clearly defined but at the same time it’s not. It’s everything at once! You cannot pinpoint it to any one moment.

Even when you look at it for a while and then look away, the lingering sun in your vision remains as an undefined orb of gold. Even now, we cannot pin that golden light to one spot no matter how we may try.

It led me to ponder humans. We often try so hard to clearly define all our boundaries and know exactly what is what about every little thing; the black and white, what is ‘right’ and what is not.. but who says we need to? Why can’t we change each and every moment – just like the Sun. Just like the butterfly that never flies in a straight line. Not for a second do we doubt the Sun and it’s powerful place in our universe. Perhaps it is the strict definition that causes us to doubt ours?

Just a thought 🙂


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