The Power of Focus

Focus is powerful. It also has a kind of purity. I think of passion when I think of focus. A strong, powerful, unwavering dedication to what you believe. You are unmovable.

I have noticed that it is when I am focused, when I am completely one hundred percent in the present moment, that I am the happiest. The focus allows such delight – such a high on life. Whether it be music, a person, a sound, my breath.. whatever it is, when I am completely and utterly in the moment, I am limitless.

Focus however, while unmovable in one sense, is completely flexible. When we think of taking photos, we are constantly readjusting our settings depending on where we are, what we are creating, the mood we are in, the subject of our attention, the amount of light.. There are so many dynamic elements.

This flexibility of perfect focus speaks deeply to me.

Like humans. We don’t have to be one thing all the time. Our world and experience is constantly changing and each and every moment is ours to adjust our settings to. It is our choice each moment. You wouldn’t add full light when you are seeking to capture the sun on dusk. You wouldn’t laugh hysterically when you are enjoying a sad moment in a play.. (or maybe you would! haha). Every moment is magic. Every moment is here for us to focus and adjust as we choose. Nothing is ‘bad’ or ‘lost’ or ‘wrong’. All is perfect.

It’s always simply a matter of focus.


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