Magnificent Fire!

Ever notice the way that burns start to hurt when you get close to the heat again, yet when you pull away, the pain fades?

I’d never really paid too much attention to this until a couple of days ago. Ben and I spent a couple days away in the hills, and while it rained gently outside and fog gathered up on the surrounding hills, it was my pleasure to sit by the fire and keep it stoked all day.

At first I wasn’t exactly sure how to go about it – what size logs to use, when to poke the embers, when to let more air in and out, when to allow it to die down, whether it was possible to burn the house down.. haha.. etc..  but after a while I realised I couldn’t really get it wrong, and I LOVED every moment of it!!!

I did manage to burn myself a few times in my excitement, but it didn’t really faze me – to see the fire in all its wonder was soooooo worth it! I actually found myself smiling at the burns after a while. The only time I really noticed them was when I got close to the flames again.. The heat seemed to remind me they were there.

It got me thinking.. It’s kind of the same as people.. Sometimes when we are around certain people, or in certain places – in the fire so to speak – we are reminded of old burns and scars, and it stings a little. These things don’t play a huge role in our lives anymore, they just feel a little tender when we’re close to the flames again. Rather than feel angry and frustrated with ourselves, perhaps it’s time to feel good about how much we’ve transcended the burns! Use the heat as a reminder of our ability to heal 🙂

Before we know it, we won’t even care about the burns. We will be consumed by the fire of life! When we feel the tinge of old hurts we will simply smile to ourselves and say, “The beauty of the fire is so magnificent! A few burn scars are a small price to pay for a front row seat!”



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