You Know How to Enjoy the View :)

I climbed a tree a couple of days ago that I have been eyeing off for a while now. Every time I drove past it I would think, “That would be the most awesome tree to climb!”

My favourite trees to climb are the really high ones that have branches all the way up – and this one has branches all the way up! For some reason though, I just hadn’t done it up until then. It was a little out of the way and I kinda assumed that there probably weren’t branches low enough to get me started..

“You know what? I’m just going to go check it out!” 🙂

The tree did have branches at the bottom! Although they weren’t quite thick enough to rest all my weight on, there were enough of them for me to kinda brace myself on until I could find a strong branch and reach a little higher.. “YES! I am doing it! I’m climbing the tree! The tree I’ve been looking at for so long!”

I felt so exhilarated as I began to climb higher. Finally, the day to climb this tree is here! And it is just as awesome as I knew it would be! I climbed until I reached some thicker areas of foliage.. Although the branches kept going up, they were still quite thin, and the foliage on the tree really REALLY sharp and easily caught on my clothes! Something inside of me said, “That’s enough for now.”

In the past, I would have said, “No, no, no! I want to climb all the way to the top! I have seen myself up there and I know I can do it! I’m not going to finally get to this day and then not go all the way!”

But I didn’t this time. Instead, I looked down and said, “Wow! I am already pretty high! Look how far I’ve come!” I realised too, that had I not built up the strength in my arms and back recently (thank you backbends!!) I wouldn’t have even been able to start at all. The branches at the bottom were too thin for me to grab without being able to support my own weight in other ways on the tree. I also knew that it could be dangerous right now with so much spiky foliage and that if I did fall, then there would be no-one around to know.

I climbed back down with a smile in my heart and on my face, and said “Thank you Tree. We shall meet again.”

Sometimes in life we want to climb all the way to the top of everything – right here, right now. Life is in seeing the steps and branches along the way and the new heights we are reaching for the first time. Life is in looking around and enjoying where we are at! Yes the top is awesome and yes the view spectacular, and yes we are so going to be there sometime soon, but we need to start from our foundation up! Or at least give some time to learning how to build a flying machine! hee, hee..

Everyday we are a branch higher, and yes sometimes the lower branches seem to reappear over and over for a while.. But man, when you reach a new height you have personally never been before, breathe it in! Love it! Feel it! Be proud of yourself! One day soon you will find yourself at the top and you will know exactly how to enjoy the view.

You will also know you could never have reached that point without those very first branches at the bottom 🙂




4 thoughts on “You Know How to Enjoy the View :)

    • I LOVE hearing that you have been climbing trees Mama! Especially as a Wilderness Queen! And thank you for reading my posts and for always leaving such encouraging responses! Up until now I haven’t quite understood how to reply to replies on my blog, but I am giving it a go so the answer finds me! xxx

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