The Lion

I love how different animals speak to us more strongly at different times of our lives. The Lion has been the animal for me over the last little while.

The Lion is perceived by many to be The King of the Animal Kingdom. He is at the top of the food chain.. (What a place to be!) Nothing hunts him. He is strong. Brave. Powerful. His roar is something to be heard across the plains.

I also noticed that he seems to spend a lot of his time basking in the Sun.. (Sounds kinda familiar.. haha). I’d never really given it much thought until now. The Lion is King, and yet even he recognises the power of the Sun and the energy it radiates. The Lion will not shy away from battle, and he knows his own strength and how to use it when necessary, but while he awaits the call, what does he do? He basks.

He basks loud and proud for all to see. He doesn’t hide in shame, or defend his right to lay in the grass, he just does it because he loves it and it feels good. The even cooler part for me is that no-one questions him! And even if ‘they’ did say, “Oh that lazy Lion, he just lays around in the grass all day enjoying the Sun.. Who does he think he is?” Do you think he’d care? Pfft! Do you think they’d go and stand before him and say he should be acting differently? I doubt it! haha..

The Lion. The King. He knows who he is and when he needs to act. He also knows when he doesn’t and when it’s time to bask. He has mastered the art of timing.

So many times in life I have felt like I want to jump the gun.. I have felt bad at times for basking, for ‘enjoying the sun’.. I am so eager to act but know the time is not quite here.

It’s time to bask Sarah.

Be still. Listen. Build your strength. Even in our basking we are tapping into the legacy of heroes. The legacy of kings.. And when the time comes for you to roar and unleash all that you are for all across the plains to hear, there won’t be anything to hold you back.

You know who you are and what action to take. You are faith-full, you are true. You are here and you have the heart of the Lion.

You are You and You are King.



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