‘Strange’ er

Yesterday as I was walking up to the library, a man was walking out.. Without a moments hesitation we looked at each other and gave the hugest smiles! I felt so much love, so much gratitude, I couldn’t help but say something..

“Man, your smile has lit up my afternoon!”

“Funny,” he said, “Your smile has had the same effect on me!”

Then we both walked our opposite ways taking our ignited magic with us..

I thought about it. Some of my most amazing love moments have been those I have shared with a stranger. That man will never really know the profound effect he had on me. How did he know a smile is what I needed right then? I felt so much love. I felt so connected. I felt known.

That got me thinking.. The word stranger. Strange. Strange means a bit weird; unusual or surprising. Unknown. Different. Almost a little scary. Keep away from strangers we’re told.. But why? What makes them strange? Only the fact that we don’t know them.

That goes for anyone or anything we consider ‘strange’. All we need to do is move a little closer. Want to know a bit more. Open our hearts up. Strange will only ever exist when we keep our distance.

Let’s come together. Move in close. Bridge the gap.

All it takes is a smile 🙂



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