You Did It!

I felt so much fear this week.. So much doubt..

I was oscillating between faith and fear – hardcore! (Eeek!)

My faith felt so shaky, but I honed in on it. I refused to give into the fear. I stood up. I stepped forward. One teensy tiny step at a time.. and I mean tiny! I looked for that tiny bit of light because I knew that it could guide me home – even if my faith was as small as a mustard seed in that moment 😉

Today things felt like they were flowing again! Hooray! “I did it! I did it!” I actually jumped around the kitchen — ask Ben, he saw it! haha..

Then I checked my e-mail to find a link to my own blog from a random spam thing.. What the!? The funny thing is it is the perfect message for me today! Of all the blogs I’ve ever written (hundreds), this is what found me!

Thought I’d share it. Who knows, someone else out there may need to hear it to.

Love you.

You are so brave. Soooooooo brave.


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