Day 4, 16 to go!

It’s day 4 of my Kickstarter Project!

How am I feeling? I’ve had a mix of emotions!

It’s crazy how much something like this will bring up inside of you! There is a part of me that is really REALLY excited! Even the fact that one person is willing to say, “Yes Sarah! I am with you!” is phenomenal! To stand up for what you believe and have other people stand with you is such a powerful thing! I’ve never quite felt this way before, and it has inspired me in so many ways!

There are also the other emotions! The voices in my head saying, “Sarah, stop talking about yourself so much!” or “People have other more important things to be part of” or “If people wanted to support you, they would without you having to ask them,” or “People are going to get sick of reading your posts or seeing your project on facebook”, “I don’t want to ask too much of people..” and on and on and on it can go..

Until I decide to change my story.

What if?

What if there are people out there who would LOVE to support me! What if there are people itching for a way to show with their support in new ways!? What if they love my music, love what I stand for, and love the feeling of moving together as much as I do!? What if in supporting me I am supporting them?

There are so many amazing possibilities which I have never fully allowed myself to see until now!

I like this new way of seeing.

What if đŸ™‚






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