All or Nothing?

I just had a big realisation. I am someone who has always said I am an all or nothing person. I have such an intense burning passion to be 100% focused on whatever moment I am in, and do everything I do with excellence, that I have always said if I can’t be in it all the way, I don’t want to be in it all.

Even though I have said it for so many years, there was always this teensy tiny little niggling deep down saying, “Something isn’t quite right about what you’re saying..” and though I felt something wasn’t quite ‘right’ about this for me, I just ignored it.. haha.. Until right now when my mind lit up like a light bulb!

All or nothing doesn’t mean, the best possible you that you could ever be EVER – it means the best that you have to give right here, right now! And only YOU know what that is! If instead we sit back and say something like “Well, right now I can’t play Beethoven on piano, so I’m not even going to bother learning how to play the scale of C!” What the!? That’s crazy.. The scale of C is what takes you in the direction of Beethoven!

So it is all or nothing, but ‘all’ is simply the best you have to give in this moment right here, right now. The moment you are in will never demand more of you than that.

“A year from now you will wish you started today.” 🙂

I read this quote about a year after I started playing guitar and smiled so big.. It’s so true.

The best now. You can do it. Beethoven is calling you.. hee, hee.. 😉

Love you x


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