A bit more on Kickstarter…

So, Sarah’s Kickstarter Project. Yeah!
Kickstarter is basically a way for people to gather funding and support for a creative project or work. The goal is set and if the combined pledges come to the minimum goal or above, all the money is collected and transferred to the Creator (Me!) to carry out the Project!
It is also a way for people to share the creation and all the excitement of what they are doing rather than doing it alone. It means backers (You) will receive updates and videos and information along the way saying and showing how everything is flowing!
In this case, my Project is my single release of ‘Time in the Sun’ and my Single Release Celebration Concert – which will be amazing! We have reached my minimum goal now, which means that no matter what, everything will go ahead and I will record and release a hardcopy of Time in the Sun (limited edition).
Pledging is still open and will continue until the 5th November! This is awesome as it means that anything pledged now will be added to the goal, and can be used to do everything better! Better quality everything – and quality is like one of my favourite things EVER!
I can put it towards better quality artwork and printing and playing musicians to play strings on my track, lighting at the concert – stuff like that!
If you want to know more about Kickstarter itself, and what it’s all about, click here:

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