Life is working FOR you..

As I was engaged in some yoga this morning, I found myself feeling as though I was stagnating somehow, kinda stuck energetically, and not quite sure how to release and flow.. I said a simple prayer, “Please speak to me directly about what it is I need to focus my energy on releasing.” A second later I looked over at my bookshelf to a book titled, ‘Spiritual Growth – Being Your Higher Self’.

I open up to a random page in the book which says:

“Trust that the Life is working FOR you and WITH you.

Many cultures teach you that to get what you want you must push very hard, be manipulative or aggressive, and battle your way through obstacles. This view is based on the underlying assumption that life is against you and must be conquered. If you use your will as if there is an opposing force, you actually create opposing forces where there are none. Start by assuming Life is working for you and with you to assist you in creating your higher good..

Don’t make yourself wrong if you had to use a lot of force and will to get things done in the past, for you were doing the best you knew how.”

Wow. This directly spoke to me. I am someone who believes that life is about flowing with the current rather than against it. Sometimes however, you seen something on the bank go by and you really want to include it on your journey. You try to swim back up the river to where it is, but it is hard work and tiring, and pointless. Your afraid that you’ll miss out on something if you just let it ‘pass by’. Meanwhile missing the other things easily in our flow. The thing is that there are plenty more things on the river ahead. We just need to trust life’s flow.

And everyone tries to swim upstream sometimes… It’s just a matter of noticing when we do it, and simply letting go.. Allow the river to take us. I feel that becoming a Master of this is what life is all about – a place where unconditional love and all the treasures of life are found.

Thank you Life. I trust You. More and more everyday.. Thank you. x


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