You Inspire Me :)

Hello Amazing Brilliant People!

Been thinking about you guys.. Actually, I think about you everyday. You inspire me. Just the thought of you uplifts me.

I hope all is flowing beatifically in your world. (Beatific is my new favourite word at the moment.. It means ‘feeling or expressing blissful happiness.’ Isn’t that cool? I didn’t even realise a word like that existed! I love it! hee, hee..)

I wanted to give you a little update 🙂

I have been feeling out a lot more of the finer details over the past couple of weeks.. Things to do with parts of the recording process, artwork details for the cover, possible dates for the release concert.. There are sooooooooo many little things! haha.. And as many of you know, I am all about the little things! The little things make up the big things.

I am leaning towards a date in March for the concert. I initially thought February, but it’s feeling a little soon.. I/we need time to create some extra-special magic! 😉 I’m also thinking it may be less rainy then, and I have my heart set on an outdoor concert.

I will be sending a survey out shortly which will ask for your details – postal address etc. If you are overseas, please fill it, as I want to send you everything also. If you are moving sometime soon, I want to know about that too. Just so I know I will need to double-check your address before I send anything further out. There will be a space for all of this.

I would also like to ask that if anybody has any idea or suggestion for anything creative/expressive/effective and whatever else there is along the way throughout this entire adventure, please let me know! I LOVE hearing from you! Love, love, LOVE it! That’s my desire more than anything – to be here for each other and enjoy life together!

I am going to include a recording my Brother Parrish did for me.. While I have always felt Parrish’s support, I had no idea he saw me in this light. Wow.

Yes, I cried. Yet again, inspired 🙂

Love you Beautifuls. Talk soon x


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