Happy Monday!

Happy Monday Beautifuls!

So.. in my last post I said I would write about ‘The Go-Giver’ each day and list one of the ‘laws’ it mentions..

My days have suddenly become crazily active – I have been getting up at 4am each day, and have been in bed by around 8-8:30 as my days have become non-stop back to back productivity and inspiration for the moments! Woah!

I just wanted to let you know I will be posting more on the book, but not each day as I initially mentioned! I don’t want to rush it either, as there is SO much in the book. It’s only a small book too, which is even more wonderful.

One thing I will write today is just a little section in the first part of the book that really struck a chord with me. As things have become more expanded and more open-flowing in my life recently, I have also found this to be completely true.

When I read this, I smiled enormously both inside and out, “Yep!”

From page 11, a discussion with one of the main characters and Larry King:

Joe: “Larry.. are your guests as genuinely nice as they seem? Even the real superstars?”

Larry: “Tell you what? The interesting thing is, the bigger they are, the nicer they are.”

Another main character also says something similar on page 10-11:

“Typically, the more successful they are, the more willing they are to share their secrets with others.”

When I read this page I felt so happy, so inspired.

This is the person I am. This is the person I choose to be 🙂

You’ll be amazed at what happens in your life when you make this decision.

Love you xxxx



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