Something came to me this morning.

It seems as though my life has suddenly become super busy, super fast. I feel as though I am travelling at high speeds down an open highway, (which is really fun!!!) but am still reminiscing about the cruisy suburban roads I had been enjoying for most the time recently. Instead of enjoying the fast pace and speed for all it’s worth, I am looking back to a moment that has passed.

The new constant activity are all things I want to do too; all things I have chosen to do. At the same time, though, I was starting to feel as though there were not quite enough hours in the day to do everything – like it was one or the other; either be inspired into productive fun activity, OR relax, be still, be centred and rest.I want the inspired action AND my favourite rest and usual stretch and be still stuff.  Well.. actually, what I really want is to feel rested no matter what I am choosing to do.

Lightbulb moment..

Oh, I just realised! That is exactly what rest is! Rest is simply doing the right things at the right time. If right now, you are feeling inspired to run at 4am (yes, that’s me at the moment!), then that is the action that will give you rest. There is no use insisting on spending hours stretching (that was me a couple of months ago), if right now you feel like doing stuff!

“Rest is doing the right thing at the right time.” Sarah Shah

Mmm.. That means I can be rested anywhere anytime no matter what I am doing or not doing! My kinda rest alright.


P.S. Talking about all this high speed stuff – I am getting my motorbike licence! Yeah!


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