I have been thinking about precision a lot the past few days. I feel it’s been sparked by the fact that my life has been moving at a lot faster pace the past few weeks, and I have the feeling it will only become more so in the next little while.

As I mentioned a few blogs ago, the speed of everything happening right now is something new for me, something that will require continual rebalancing in order to enjoy the momentum and fun of the ride!

I want to love it, I want to feel the rush! I want to be in the moment and know I am stable and secure in these fast speeds! What does that mean for me?


Precise : Marked by exactness and accuracy of expression or detail.

I have always marvelled at the way people who ride motorbikes and planes, or anything else fast, are so intently focused. I often ponder when I am landing from a flight what would happen if something accidentally knocked the wing and the plane went off course.. (Probably not the most comforting thought.. haha..) I always find myself wondering and feeling so intrigued!

If anything even slightly bumps things out, everything could get really crazy really quick! The faster the speed, the faster the momentum, and the more extreme the results if anything does happen!

But when you are focused, and your path is clear, and you do know where you are headed.. Wow.. There is nothing to stop you! Complete confidence! What an amazing feeling! The ultimate high! The same kind of feeling I get when I am focused purely in a music moment.. When I know I have listened to my heart and taken action as I felt inspired, and there is absolutely no place else I’d rather be right here, right now.

And as you progressively move at faster and faster speeds at whatever it is that is important to you, make sure you slow down and rebalance or readjust, or get some more information if you start to shake or wobble, before kicking into the high speeds again.There is nothing wrong with realigning as you go, as you get the hang of it! In fact, it will make the ride so much more exhilarating as you know how precise and focused you have been! Most of the time it will only be the slightest adjustment that will make all the difference!

Be aware of any doubt and replace it with full confidence!

It’s sooooooooooo worth it!

Motorbike here I come! 😉 xxx


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