Give You.

Several blogs ago I began talking about a book called ‘The Go-Giver’. I read the entire book within a day, and it has had a profound effect on me ever since. I think perhaps it is because I have already thought about so many of the things mentioned in the book – especially when it comes to my music and money, and how they can ever flow together in a way that is in line with my integrity.

One of the ‘Laws’ which I have already mentioned is about adding value to what you are giving – giving more value than you are receiving in payment. For so long I had felt the desire to do this, but found myself unsure how to do this when I didn’t feel like I had the resources I needed to do so.

What I have come to realise is that the only resource we really need is ourselves. Start with that, and more resources will flow!

What people value will differ from person to person – if you want to know more about what someone values, listen to what they talk about, how they use their time, or where they spend their money. These things say so much. I was amazed at what I started to notice. For so long I thought that the only resource people really cared about – especially when it comes to business – was money. It’s not true. The more surprising thing was that there were so many things I found I could do to add value – ways that I could use my time, or my expertise, or my connections. All the money in the world can’t ensure good service, or a genuine smile, or a carefully crafted song or cup of coffee. It might help in some situations, but unless the heart and skill are there, money won’t mean a thing.

One example of this is a friend of mine who always talked about wanting a clean house. He talked about it nearly every time I saw him for about a year, and about how he just had no energy to really do it once he was home from weeks away for work. After reading this book I was like.. oh, I think he would like to be living in a clean house! haha.. I have two hands, I could do that! So I cleaned his house! Am I clean freak? No! Do I love cleaning? Umm.. Not really. But for some reason I scrubbed and scrubbed for days and just felt so happy the entire time. This is something that I decided to do, and although it required scheduling and adjustments on my part, it was worth it to me as I KNEW it was something that would add value to his life in a way he couldn’t quite organise right now. Now I’m not planning to go around and clean everyone’s house (haha..), but I did do it for him as I knew it would mean something to him, and at the time I had the resources to do it.

Even the smallest things that take only a moment will add value. A listening ear, a touch on the shoulder, sharing in someone’s excitement, taking your neighbours washing off the line when it looks like rain.. So may ways to give..

The other things I noticed too, is that the smallest things at the right time, just because you want to give, mean so much more than they look like they do on the surface. The fact that you are giving freely and not out of obligation is priceless.

Now having said all this, you may be thinking, yeah, but how does giving to your friend or neighbour add value to your business!? It does! It’s incredible! Just being in that adding value mode seems to attract the same in your direction – from everywhere. It’s so exhilarating too, as the connection to people and life in general skyrockets. Everyone gives what they have to give, when they have to give it, and EVERYONE wins, everyone is looked after.

It takes a little faith to get the ball rolling as we’re so often so used to doubting whether our own needs will be met,  but wow.. once you start rolling, it is the ultimate high..

Go you Go-Givers! Go!




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