One Sleep..

It is one more sleep and less than 24 hours ’til the CBUS Christmas Carols Under the Stars.

I am so excited.

The more I allow myself to feel, the more excitement builds. To be part of such a magnificent event, and to share my voice and gift in a place where people of all ages will gather together on one night in the spirit and magic of Christmas.

Breathtaking. (Or breath-giving! hee, hee..)

I wanted the last flyer I made for this event to be a really special one. I found this image of Santa Claus and the reindeer across the night sky – “This is the one!” I thought.

I have always love Santa Claus – Saint Nicholas. I know some people find it wrong to mention Santa at Christmas, but I love to honour this man who was known by his acts of love. Nicholas’s parents dies when he was still young, and although receiving a large inheritance, he used all of his wealth to give to those who needed it. He was known for the way he loved.

Just like Jesus.

What worthier cause is there than to celebrate lives of this kind of love?

One more sleep.. x

Magic Christmas Carols - One sleep


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