Home Over Gold

Ben and I saw the last Hobbit movie last night, The Battle of The Five Armies.

It really struck a chord with me. The way in which people would choose war over each other when it came to gold and what they believed was rightfully theirs.

What is ever ‘rightfully’ ours anyway?

Gold and money only have value once they are shared. Spend even a dollar and it has given you a dollar of value. Then when that dollar is spent again it is another dollar in value.. and so on.. it just keeps becoming more valuable! If you hold it tight and keep it to yourself forever, it has no value. It is a dollar and it will remain that way never to be any more.

In some ways it may even become worth-less..

One of the characters in the movie, Thorin, says this:

“If people valued home over gold, the world would be a merry place.”

Yes indeed. Bring on the merriment 😉 xxx


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