My Story So Far…

This morning I woke up to a beautiful message from a friend of mine. In the message he expressed how much he loves my voice and music in the most perfect way. One thing he said was that, “I’m in an ocean of bliss when I hear your voice. When I hear you, everything is perfect.. I feel inner peace.”

This is my dream come true. To know people feel peace when they hear my voice. That has been my dream for as long as I remember. Wow. It’s happened.

He then asked if he could please buy a whole album of my songs. At first I felt myself shrinking back.. “I don’t have an album of songs.” However, more accurately I would say I don’t have an album of songs I felt like I wanted to share.. Until now 🙂

I have a collection of songs I have recorded over the years – my first official song being ‘Open Eyes’ when I was 16. All kinds of thoughts started to swim through my mind.. “I can’t share those, they aren’t good enough. They are a ‘dark’ side of my life that perhaps people don’t want to know about. What if they see that part of me and decide they don’t like it? Don’t like me. What if they don’t feel the peace anymore?”

I stopped myself. “Perhaps this is precisely what needs to be shown – Perhaps the darkness and light go hand in hand? Every song is a part of who I am, and all of who I am are a part of songs I write and play today.” A part of my dream has also been to share and give ALL of who I am in every way that I can. To have nothing hidden, nothing hiding in the shadows. So this is my moment of bringing everything to light!

It seems more than coincidental that I have entitled my new EP (released end of April) ‘Into the Sun’.

So.. I have made a CD of my songs up until now for those who would love to know more of the Sarah Shah story.

I will send a hardcopy of my songs in the mail. As always, the $’s you choose to give is  your choice 🙂

Thank you for sharing my moments. This is a BIG one for me! Nothing hidden now, everything is in the light.

Love you xxxx


P.S. If you look really closely you can see the rainbow.. Magic! 🙂


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